Saturday, October 15, 2005


Book on Sidebar as Links

I first planned to put the book chapters here but I've gotten a fancier plan. There are links to each one of them on the left sidebar. Each link goes to a blog with only that chapter on it. I've finished Chapters I-V, all of Part One, and Chapter VI of Part Two is out too.

Part One is not a waste of time, however, because knowing the theoretical part will make it so much easier to follow the program when you start. All this is the background for the program that is presented in the rest of the book, in Chapters VII and VIII. They help you create a plan to address behavior problems NOW. They are arranged like therapy sessions between me and a family, in this case between me and the mom, then me and the son, and back to the mom. These "transcripts" are meant to help you be your OWN therapist, the have "a talk" with yourself and your kids on what to do. As soon as I get a bit more time, in the next few days or week, these final chapters will be out there.

Please bear with me and thank you for your patience.

You will notice that the charts, figures, and graphs are not easy to read, if at all in some cases. Eventually, the book will be available on a regular website too but what you can see here will do for now, once I get it all out.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


eBay - new york photo, new york photo Photographic Images items at low prices

eBay - new york photo, new york photo Photographic Images items at low prices

Monday, December 27, 2004


Here's a pic from the summer. Now this place in Madison Square Park is closed but the park is nicely decorated for the holiday. Even has its own Christmas treee. I'll try to get a decent pic of it but for now, see how warm it was only four months ago.

Outside my building. Semester is over. I did at least ok. Trying to decide what to do with the extra time until a month from now when school starts again. That guy standing there was giving me the eye because he thought I was taking a picture of him without asking. I explained that I was trying to get the sun off the Chrysler Building way in the distance -- see it? -- 122 blocks south. He looked and got happy.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


I can't explain why this software works now and didn't before. Maybe since I did it from two different computers but that shouldn't have mattered since I didn't leave it on while I was not at work, where the other installation is. Just another one of those mysterious computer things that make no sense. And being so busy at this end of the semester, all I can do is stay confused about it and use it while it behaves. This pic is the same one I think I put here earlier, six months earlier when the trees were green with leaves. I still like the view.

See if it works now. Newstand at night, people on the street.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Picture sending software Kaput

I give up. Now all attempts to send pics end with failed attempt. I'm gonna try to put them in using the HTML code. If that doesn't work, I think I'll just move everything to a actally website -- I just finished making one for class but it's on actually on the web itself yet -- and just make a few posts here now and then to report on progress or lack of it. I also don't like this thing that if you're not a member of the blog thing, you have to post anonymously. I want to know who is posting if they want to tell me without joining something for the right to put their name if they want. So everything is up in the air now. And with the semester winding to a close, everything is in turmoil anyway. The last thing I needed for this blog to be not working. So on it goes.

Thursday, December 09, 2004



There is something wrong with the picture-sending software. It says I am signed on to it at another location!!! What?!?!?! Anyway, with the end of the semester and all that, I am too tied up to check this out now. But I got in a pic (if I do it fast, it gets done before it arbitrarily blows up on me) of a curb. Evidently, all curbs in NYC have to be reinforced. Iron is usually used in Manhattan -- I'll get a pic of that soon enough -- but this is stone. Poured concrete doesn't seem to be allowed. At least in Manhattan I don't see it. Does anyone know the rule? Or is there no rule but people know that, with so much walking, concrete just wears out too fast?

Check this out.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Here is the same station as the last post but from a different location further up the platform, just before the ceiling gets so high. Something interesting about this pic is... look carefully to the right... the pigeon down there!!! And, listen here! This station is one of the deepest subway stations on earth, about 150' below the street... is that about 12 stories?!? There are four huge elevators to take people up or down and no stairs at all. So this bird is way down there and who knows if it'll ever see the light of day again. I'd say it came on a train maybe... by elevator? No way. Will the city take it out? A pigeon? It could live down there on crumbs maybe. Probably not because it's a pretty clean station even though it needs restoration pretty bad.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Train pulling out of what is, so far, my favorite station, the 1/9 7th Avenue line at 168th and Broadway, very far underground (you HAVE to take one of the room size elevators, no stairs), that looks like, to me, a railroad station in foggy London at the turn of the last century. It's waiting restoration and this will be a big job because those tile go all the way across the arched ceilings and there are large round terra cottas or mosiac decorations spaced along the top.

The solution of the problems in the Mideast is to have a Palestinian open butcher's shop and grocery next to an Israeli's Kosher Karate Center in Queens.

Misty day in Central Park. As crowded as the city is, you can find a place to walk in peace here. What is on her (?) mind?

Monday, November 22, 2004


New Yorkers love flowers, you can get them at so many places. And roses, that are so expensive everywhere, are cheap here at usually $10 for 2 dozen. I don't know why this is so. Maybe it's because not a lot of flowers sprout up here except in the parks and people want to bring a little of it in their homes but we can't pick the flowers in the parks or there would quickly be none.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Play Ball - 78 Rest!! I love the effect of the setting sun on certain fire escapes... Upper West Side, I think on Broadway.

Haven't been here in awhile. I've been so busy with school and trying to get my life here organized. At least I have a stable place to live now. One thing I really like about New York is that I don't have to go to the store, like make a separate trip to get food or whatever. I pass so many of them, I just stop on the way to somewhere where I have to be. The city has changed me from someone who hates to shop to someone who find it fun now. I bought a great leather carrying thing that is flexible enough for just a few things like a book or two or expandable for tons of food. So on my way downtown, I passed this intersection at 42nd and 7th, where I took a pic that I have here on an earlier posting. But this one is much better, isn't it? The sun was going down and this was that 10 minute window when the light is refracted in such a way that an orange glow is in the air, or at least on all surfaces the sun strikes. This is taken through the bus window, giving me a little elevation, putting those streaks of light across the pic (lights in the bus had come on) and look at the white streak going up the tall building. These colors, to me, are sumptuous and so rich. It looks more like food than buildings.

Friday, November 05, 2004


I thought this had to be one of the strangest enticements to visit an establishment, with those alive-looking hands beckoning you in to get something done to your nails. Plus, the colors right here can't fail to get the place noticed. And then with something or other to be done to lips, chins, and eye brows, when I saw that big word NAIL, I just thought of coffin nails. The whole setup was very mysterious.

I sent this pic to some friends and they accused me of "stretching" it. I told them "No, these are just some tall skinny shapes you see in the city at times, given the way the sun and the shadows come in early in the morning."

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Here is the Flatiron again, against the early morning sun the other day. Look atg the beautiful facing on this cozy building and how it set so well against its splendid red stone neighbor across 5th on 23rd. They just don't make too many of these anymore.

What can I say about this one. My sentimental favorite since childhood and watching King Kong on the Million Dollar Movie 33 times one year (remember how WPIX used to play each movie 3 or 4 or 5 times a day for two weeks?). With the early morning sun on the quintenssential skyscraper for people all over the world, there's nothing like it anywhere nor is ther likely to be after over 70 years and running.

Monday, November 01, 2004


I know what this building will look like when it's done. Otherwise, it would seem like the construction is more interesting than it ever could be. When I was a kid, the most fascinating thing was to see how they build these monsters in so tiny a "footprint" and with all those people walking around it, with hardly ever anyone getting squished by falling stuff.

One of my favorite buildings here. With the sunset just right, the Flatiron looks like a starship cutting it's way across the universe, like a cosmic icebreaker. Of course, with its weird shape, the only other way to describe it is "cute".

Friday, October 22, 2004


Color on the Lower East Side

This is one of those "What's going on here?" pics, taken through a bus window at a colorful scene on a Sunday on the Lower East Side just as the rain stoped and the sun was coming out.


Not the best day in the city

Bad day here, a momumental collapse of the team that doesn't do that. My friend is a sportswriter on one of the big papers here, he was closer to the game than me, being a mile away at home studying. I sent him an email that sums it up:

i read your article and liked it a whole lot. i had the same thoughts myself as the city suffered a major disaster. the only solace we can take is that when the red sox lose again and go back to their ways, as they inevitably will soon enough (shillings finished and his blood will forever stain the mound at the stadium but he'll get no tombstone there), they won't be able to blame babe ruth, the curse, or any other bullshit that has given them excuses all this time.


Busy Street but not with Cars

Isn't much traffic on this St. Nicholas Ave. uptown but the street is busy anyway with a string of meters and green lights.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Sometimes things get hectic. I got a midterm tomorrow and a assignment due. And so much to read that I don't know if, with work, I will get through. What I need is to come out of the subway and, instead of the big city waiting for me, a place to rest is what I see. Well, whatdya know! I found de place! No trick of the camera, which station is it?

Friday, October 08, 2004


John Lennon made the city his home, in part, because people mind their own business and let others alone, no matter who they are. When his life was cruelly ended outside his apartment, the Dakota, his dream of world peace that he asked us to "Imagine" took a hit. Some of his friends and the city he loved dedicated a number of acres of Central Park across the street from where he lived and funded the restructuring of the trees and lawns there into a beautiful place for quiet contemplation only. This main entry to Strawberry Fields is mysterious because each evening, the wilted flowers are quietly taken away and, by the time the sun is out again the next day, there's a new setting placed there by private citizens that stays undisturbed for a day while the flowers are fresh, to remind us of our loss and our hope.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


More wacky buildings. The amazing thing about these structures is that they are not just put there to amuse tourists. They are functioning businesses. New York is commerce and commerce has to do with getting people's attention and, because New York does it so well and with so much energy, it's a feast for anyone who'll stop for a bit and make something pleasing out of the cacophony of visual assualts by isolating part of the "field" and lingering awhile to take it in, shutting out the rest for a moment.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Somewhere on the lower east side, near the river, the setting sun hit the clouds to make a beautiful stepwise progression of orange against these brick buildings.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Check this out! With the shapes of those new buildings near Times Square and the colors and designs they have on them now, it doesn't look quite real. And that big green h and pushing its way through in the center of the pic doesn't help things either.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Mixing restaurant signs with other advertising is so colorful here. It's fun and more "in your face" than anywhere else. And, by the way "I want that pizza!!!!" and the girl says "Me too!!!"

Not the most important one, but one reason I came back to New York is that the selection at the sidewalk vendors is greater than most regular restaurants elsewhere.

A Nice Way of Saying "Stay Off the Grass"

As part of learning to regain control of their city again and make it nicer, New Yorkers learned to be kind and respect the rights of all living things, even the grass. There was a time--and it's still that way in many places--where a sign like this would be trampled soon enough. But in Madison Square Park, everyone lets the grass rest.

Thursday, September 30, 2004


Technological Breakthrough

I am now at a different computer, not even in Manhattan, and able to put this post on the site. I think somehow the timing that got recorded in the past few became altered for some reason and that's why they are out of order. Maybe. I don't want to mess with things too much. I notice the time in this post dialogue box is not the time the computer says it is, off by two hours! Anyway, if you see this, there has been progress after taking a train and a bus into Queens.

A policewoman interrupted my picture taking at an interesting part of the subway station at 42nd street, asking me what I'm doing taking pictures. I told her that I put them on a web site and she said it wasn't allowed. I told her that it was, the law allowed it. See, the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) floated an idea to ban pics in the subways (now you can't take tripod pics, that's all) and all kinds of people went wild, from tourists to regular New Yorkers who love to take pics of the city, as well as national photographer organizations. Imagine no subway pics? Nothing has been said about this for some time now. I think the MTA is gonna let this idea die a well-deserved death. But some paranoid cops think it's the law now and it most certainly isn't. The cop told me that I had to get a permit at the ticket booth (huh? They don't issue permits here unless you are filming a movie like for Hollywood) and I just walked on after saying that it was not illegal to take pics of the stations or trains. So there.


A Rare Accident on the Little Island

The accident rate in Manhattan is as low as it has been since 1910, when there were hardly any cars around, but this person insisted on squeezing between a truck in a hurry and a bus pulling away from its stop, surprising the transit guy who was sent to check him out and the girl who finds it amusing. We are said to be aggressive here. I think assertive is more accurate... except for this guy who was clearly out of line.

Stealth Building

Manhattan Tuning Fork

With All these Beautiful Colors and Lines, How Can You Hate the Yankees?

I sent this pic in honor of my first responder to the blog I deleted. Here it is, taken the night of the Yankee's worst loss in their history, 22-0! I know they are in first place but everyone here is very dissatisfied with their performance. Yankee fans are very demanding.

OK for now

I think I've got the resurrected blog going although sometimes it omits the description of the blog and it sometimes puts the posts in the wrong order. Plus on my profile it only lists posts to the deleted blog. May this one will be there and things will straighten out.

Anyway, I don't want to wait to get this link business straightened out (me to understand how to do it) so I intend to, later today, put Chapter 1 of the book on as a post here. I can move it later. Some people are interested now, not later, and there is a lot in the book.

So now I go to a class that may teach me more about these websites.


Manhattan Stonehenge

In May, the sun lines up just right and, going down, reveals something, shouldn't it?


More to See from the Bus

As much as I love the trains, buses are fine too. You get to see places to eat all the time.


Missed Train

I missed the train. Since I was a kid, the subway, far more complex and larger than another other on earth, has fascinated me, getting 5,000,000 places every day. It never stops so missing this train was no biggie.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


First Blog, second try

In an effort to separate the book part from the pics, I really messed things up and then sort of accidently deleted the whole blog. I had a different one in a cache, evidently, and deleted the real one! (or something like that) Fortunately, I was only a few days into it and can now pretty much put back all that was lost, with some improvements. This is my first post from the first try blog:

This is my first post to this so far very easy software. I started with another one and forget it, never got it going! I'm going to be talking about what I'm doing to get myself "settled into" New York City and one thing I do along with everything else is take pictures. This place is a paradise of colors, forms, curves, and lines, plus the usual touristy stuff. My pics pay more attention to the more primitive aspects of what is pleasing to the eye. Where I lived, for many years, in the Midwest, there wasn't much of that. This place, where I always visited from Long Island growing up and always wanted to live in, is a feast for the eye. As much as I'm rushing around getting organized here, I continually have to stop and just look at how picture elements come together like they can nowhere else.

The other half of my blog is about The Illusion of Control, my book about the program I developed and used for many years as a psychologist to successfully help innumerable families with behavior problem children. Though the book will be published for sale, I'm going to serialize it here. I want to generate discussion about many of the relevant issues, some of which have always been controversial. This will all be in another section.

I'm playing it by ear at this point and we'll see what happens.

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